2019 Merit Review Results

May 31, 2019
Joanna King

The Merit Review Process for 2019 has been completed. The purpose of the program is to provide evidence based recommendations to the Chair of the Department pertinent to continuing salary support for clinician-scientists. Calls for the 2020 Merit Review will go out to all clinician-scientists in December 2019.

A total of 8 DoM faculty members from across the various divisions and hospitals have been approved for salary support. The total number of applications received was 28, and some applicants were disqualified due to the receipt of career awards. All the applications were deemed meritorious, but salary support was limited due to available resources.

Many thanks to the review committee, which was chaired by Dr. Kevin Kain.

The 2019 review committee consisted of:

  • Daniel Drucker
  • Margaret Herridge
  • Andreas Laupacis
  • Phil Marsden
  • Rulan Parekh
  • Don Redelmeier
  • Katherine Siminovitch

This year's funded Merit applicants are shown here in alphabetical order:

Name Division Hospital
Kim Connelly Cardiology St. Michael's Hospital
Paul Dorian Cardiology St. Michael's Hospital
Herbert Gaisano Gastroenterology UHN -TGH
Susan George Endocrinology & Metabolism UHN-TGH
David Juurlink GIM/ Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Mona Loutfy Infectious Diseases Women's College Hospital
Damon Scales Cirtical Care Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Richard Swartz Neurology Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre