CIHR: Spring 2019 Project Grant Results

Jul 23, 2019
Joanna King

Congratulations to the following Department of Medicine faculty members recently awarded Project Grants from CIHR!

A full list of results, as well as a break down of the compeition, can be found on CIHR's website.

Project Grant Recipients

Andrew Advani, St. Michael's Hospital 

Reshaping the epigenetic landscape to improve outcomes after acute kidney injury


Ahmed Bayoumi and Pamela Leece, St. Michael's Hospital 

Study of Post-Hospital care for Opioid Overdoses that are Non-Fatal (SPOON)


Marcelo Cypal, Jorden Feld and Atul Humar, University Health Network

Transplantation of Hepatitis C infected donors to negative recipients: Combining donor and recipient strategies to prevent transmission


Claudia Dos Santos, St. Michael's Hospital 

EpiGen Marks for Human Sepsis


Gillian Hawker and Lorraine Lipscombe, Women's College Hospital 

Development & Piloting of a Patient and Provider-Level Behavior Change Intervention to Increase Physical Activity in People with Diabetes through Diagnosis and Management of Concomitant Knee Osteoarthritis


Yasmin Khan and Bonnie Henry, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

Are we prepared? Advancing implementation of knowledge to enhance public health emergency preparedness levels in Canada


Murray Krahn and Jennifer Walker, University Health Network 

The Epidemiology and Economic Burden of Hepatitis C Viral infection in the First Nations Population in Ontario


Caroline Kramer, Sinai Health System 

Metabolic impact of intermittent fasting in early type 2 diabetes


David Mazer, Bruno Da Costa, Dean Fergusson, Peter Jüni, Nadine Shehata, Subodh Verma, and Richard Whitlock, St. Michael's Hospital

TRICS IV - Restrictive versus Liberal Transfusion in Younger Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery


Istvan Mucsi and Susan Bartlett, University Health Network

Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures to Improve Patient Centered Solid Organ Transplant Care


Gary Rodin and Camilla Zimmermann, University Health Network 

Emotion And Symptom-focused Engagement (EASE): A Randomized Controlled Trial for Individuals with Acute Leukemia


Andy Kin On Wong and Angela Cheung, University Health Network

Poor muscle-bone quality and its downstream impact on knee osteoarthritis disease development in postmenopausal women: the Appendicular Muscle and Bone Extension Research Study (AMBERS)