Department of Medicine

DOM staff nominated for PAAC award

Jun 4, 2018

Congratulations to Department of Medicine staff who were nominated for the University of Toronto Post MD Education Program Positive Achievement & Appreciation Certificate (PAAC) Award. This certificate is awarded to a program administrative staff member who exemplifies outstanding program coordination and support to residents, clinical fellows, and faculty and staff within the U of T PGME program. All of the DOM staff nominated exemplified exceptional contributions to the PGME program.

The DOM’s nominated staff are:

  • Anna Arruda, Medicine PGY4 Subspecialty, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Heather Johnston, Program Coordinator, Gastroenterology & Nephrology
  • Nina Chana, Program Administrator, Hematology
  • Natasha Campbell, Medical Education Coordinator, Department of Medicine, UHN
  • Jill Tomac, Program Administrator, Internal Medicine
  • Jenn Robertson, Program Coordinator, Emergency Medicine
  • Tracia Young, Program Administrator, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Daniel Johnston, Program Coordinator, Neurology Toronto Western Hospital
  • Heather Smith St-Kitts, Administrative Coordinator, Education, Mount Sinai Hospital